Ekaterininsky Park. Tennis in center of the Moscow.

40$ per hour


40$ per hour

Personal lesson

40$ per hour

2 persons Group

Tennis lessons in the Ekaterininsky park, Sokolniki and Ostankino

Season of 2021!

Hello, i am a proffesional tennis coach and a tennis sparring partner in Moscow, Russia. If you are in the Moscow and want to start play tennis or improve your tennis game - welcome to my lessons.

I am work at courts of Ekaterininsky Park. Closes subway stations are: Dostoevskaia (8 minutes by walk), Prospekt Mira (20 minutes by walk). In the summer there are working 9 tennis clay courts. Tennis courts rent prices are 30-35$ (2000-2500 рублей) per hour.

Also i work in other locations of the Moscow. Ekaterininsky park, Ostankino and Sokolniki park are favorite places.

Map how to drive in or walk to tennis courts.

Ekaterinsky park tennis courts photos